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Affordable Housing

Section 42

At Country Club Village, we have both market rate rental homes and an Affordable Rent Program (Section 42). To qualify for the Affordable Program, all applicants must meet the same qualification guidelines as our market rate units. However, there is a maximum amount of annual income the household can make. If you fall within the maximum income parameters listed below, you can qualify for an affordable rental home at the lower rate.

Number of Persons Occupying Home 
Maximum Household Income 
1 - $44,520
2 - $50,880
3 - $57,240
4 - $63,540
5 - $68,640 
6 - $73,740   

*To qualify, your gross annual income must be equal to or BELOW those listed in the chart, based on the number of persons living in the apartment. Remember, not all units at Country Club Village have these restrictions.

Section 42 overall is an excellent way the government is trying to assist with the housing needs of all of its citizens. Owners receive a reduction in their tax liability from the government in return for providing affordable housing to persons with fixed or lower income. By giving the tax credit, groups are able to provide housing where there may have not been available housing, and to people who otherwise might have not been able to afford it.